The HBI is the vocational education and training arm of the Hellenic Bank Association.

Its purpose is to contribute to the improvement of the competitiveness of banks through the systematic development of the professional qualifications of their human resources.

The main task of the HBI is to design and implement professional training programmes, based on an integrated system, which includes all learning objects related to the broader financial sector and covers all levels of knowledge and skills.

The primary aims of the HBI are to ensure that the training it provides matches the actual needs of the sector, and that learning outcomes are evaluated. To this end, it constantly updates its curriculum, being at the same time a leader in adopting examination methods upon completion of training.


  • is accredited as a Center of Lifelong Learning Level One by the National Organisation for the Certification of Qualifications And Vocational Guidance (EOPPEP);
  • a number of its programmes and examination procedures have been accredited on the European and national levels, and there is an on-going effort to expand such accreditation;
  • it maintains continuous contact with its counterparts in other European countries, always keeping in pace with developments;
  • it selects trainers among experienced professionals of the banking sector and specialized university professors.

As the sole agency responsible for the design and implementation of interbank educational policy, the HBI bases its activities on the proposals of the Board of Education and the work of the Interbank Advisory Committee of Training Managers of the Hellenic Bank Association. The expertise of the HBA executives, in conjunction with the participation of banks' representatives in its various interbank committees, endows the Institute's training programme with two major competitive advantages:

  • it is a uniquely systematic training solution for the development of a bank's human capital, and
  • it is the only integrated programme in Greece on the regulatory framework of the financial system.

HBI services include:

  • Design and implementation of vocational education and training courses, for all levels and objects of the financial services sector.
  • Design and implementation of in-company training programmes.
  • Authoring, publication and distribution of textbooks.
  • Organization of one-day seminars, conferences and workshops. 

The HBI services are addressed to:

  • All persons employed in the financial services sector.
  • Every organization, business or individual professional seeking relevant education.
  • University graduates interested to work in this sector.
  • The end-users of banking services, mainly small and medium-size enterprises.
  • Every interested party that is located outside Athens: the HBI provides access to vocational training on banking operations through the blended distance learning method, which comprises in-class sessions and especially designed manuals.
  • The banking systems of the Balkans, the Black Sea region, and the eastern Mediterranean countries.
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